Weekly Update

Life: A Crazy Last Few Months

Hello Bookworms!

I hope all is well!

It’s time for a life update!

I have not posted anything for a while and that is because since August it has been CRAZY!!

My oldest son has started school. He loves it! He is a very social child and very smart! We recently had Parent Teacher Conferences and his teacher said he is doing amazing. He got a 100% on his 2nd 9 weeks test and all the kids love him. I am a very proud momma!

August was a great month for him. Then September hit. It was a month of four birthday celebrations and sickness… My son first had a sinus infection, took antibiotics and he was great… for two days. Then he got worse. His temperature rose, throwing up, sleeping all day and not wanting to eat. Thankfully we did get him to drink. It was a very rough weekend. I took him in to see his doctor. He had double pneumonia. It was in both lungs. He would have been hospitalized but he was not dehydrated and his oxygen levels were not low. He had to stay home from school for 2 weeks. He missed school so much. He had to get two shots, one in each leg, and take antibiotics for ten days.

After the two weeks were up we went back to the doctor for a second chest x-ray. His lungs were clear! We were very thankful!

He got to go back to school and was having the best time. After five days of being back in school he starts complaining of a sore throat. He doesn’t want to eat or drink. His temperature goes up again. I take him back to the doctor. He has strep throat. Thankfully this time he only had to miss two days instead of two weeks.

Now we are in October. He made it a full week without getting sick and got to have Fall Break this week. He is doing great!

When he had strep throat he had to miss his first ever field trip. He would have got to ride the bus for the first time and visit the pumpkin patch with his class. During Fall Break his grandma and aunt took him and his brother to the pumpkin patch. They had an amazing time and I got breath taking photos of them. I am so glad they go to go. I do not like my boys missing out on fun and amazing experiences.

Who knows how long we have until this world goes to crap. I want my boys to have the best memories they can get before something bad happens.

ANYWAYS! With all that went on last month, I only read one book. City of Ashes. I was participating in a read a long with Captain.Valor on Instagram but had to stop because I didn’t have the rest of the series and I was too distracted. Not only were my boys sick but my husband and I had really bad colds too. We didn’t want to do anything.

We are all better now. October has been a great month so far! We have been able to spend time with family, which was much needed. I have read two books so far and I have 10 more books on my tbr to go.

I am way behind on my Goodreads challenge. 47 books out of 60. Hopefully I can make it.

Today I am going to my best friend’s sister’s bridal shower! I can’t believe she is going to get married. I have known her since she was in diapers. I wish her and her future husband all the best in the world.

Tonight I am making homemade pizza. My boy’s favorite meal.

It is time for me to start getting ready for the shower. This post feels like it has been all over the place but I wanted to get it out there. Why I have not been posting.


I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW!! It is called Cassie’s Bookish Corner, same as this blog. I am going to talk all about books! YAY!!! I hope you go watch, like and subscribe!

It is time for me to go.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thank you for reading!

Go watch my videos 😉



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