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July 2017 Bullet Journal

Hello Bookworms and Bullet Journal lovers!

I have a new bullet journal! This one is for planning only. I still write in my book bullet journal and I am loving it!

I have completed my first month in my new bullet journal. In the photos below you will see that in the beginning it went really well but after our trip to Chicago, I didn’t keep up with it. Hopefully August will go a lot better.

This bullet journal is an Aimoh Executive Hardcover Dotted Notebook. It is an A5 with 249 pages. The page weight is 80 GSM. I ordered this journal/notebook off of Amazon. Click here to check it out.

I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and Prismacolor pens on my pages. I have not had any trouble with bleed trough but there is slight ghosting. The ghosting does not affect my layouts in anyway.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the spine. My other journal is curved, this one is blocked or squared. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s not my favorite.

I do highly recommend this journal if you are starting out. It has plenty of pages PLUS an index, which I do have trouble keeping up with.

I did recommend it to my mom and she ended up getting it too. Although, she is waiting until the beginning of 2018 to start it. She is currently working in a different journal and didn’t want to leave it unfinished. She is very creative so I can’t wait to see what she does with her layouts in 2018.

Ready to see my July spreads? Let’s get into it!

I do apologize for the photo quality. I took these with my phone and they didn’t turn out the greatest. I do plan on saving up for a camera. If you have any vlog/photo camera suggestions please comment below.

JULY 2017

bujo calendar

I went with a two page layout for my calendar. I have no idea how far in the months I will fit into this book but with my son starting school, I wanted to be able to go ahead and write down as much as I could in this one. If I do finish this journal before the year is up I will copy this calendar into the new journal. So far I am loving it.

july spread1

The theme I chose for July was Popsicles and ice cream. Perfect for Summer.
For these two pages, I wrote down my goals for the month on the cover page and At A Glance page on the right. Sadly, two goals did not get completed because I didn’t make time to do any of it.
I thought I did really well keeping up with my At A Glance page. I started this journal on the 6th of July. I did remember what I did on the 4th but not the other days before. I really loved the At A Glance page because I like going through to see what happened that day. Especially if it involved my boys. Yes, my youngest had to put his artwork on my At A Glance page. See the marks above the green Popsicle? Just a future memory.
july spread2july spread3july spread4july spread9

I kept a tracker for the month of July and I liked the set up but it felt so messy. Towards the end I didn’t keep up with the trackers and just marked it with a black pen. I kept track of laundry, dishes, coffee, water, Instagram, reading, exercise, no eating out, no pop, write daily verse, write, and sew. As you can see I failed at two of those. No writing my book and sewing book sleeves occurred at all in July. I did mess up on my header which is why it is a sparkly purple background. I put June instead of July. Oops!
On the right page is started my weekly layouts. Starting on Friday, July 7 to Monday, July 31. I told you I started slacking on my pages. One ice cream sticker and no doodles or weather.
If you were wondering, Pokemon Go Fest was a dud. Yes we did catch some Pokemon but the game crashed almost every time we tried to battle or catch a Pokemon. We ended up staying in a corner of the park by team Mystic’s tent because we got the best service in that area. (Yay team Mystic!!!)
I absolutely loved visiting Chicago! It was crazy busy but I loved meeting new people and walking around the city.

july spread5

Finally, a doodle right?? How could I not have a journal without a doodle page dedicated to coffee? I drink it almost every day. No idea what I want to put on the left page.

july spread6july spread7july spread8

The last three spreads in my July section is dedicated to a seven day plan I found on my bible app called The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis. It is broken up into seven days (of course) with a devotional and two or three verses. I didn’t copy everything down but a majority. I thought this plan was perfect to write in my journal. I highly recommend that you look this up if you are in a relationship.

Not Pictured:

  • Goals list
  • Wish list
  • Period Tracker
  • Money Tracker (not updated)
  • Wal-Mart Grocery List

If you want to see any of those topics please let me know and I will update this post.

I really hope you enjoyed this look through of my July spreads. I did have fun creating the pages!

Do you like to keep a journal?

I have read that keeping a journal of any type really helps with mental health. i.e. mood trackers and gratitude pages.

If you have a favorite bullet journal blogger or are a bujo blogger please let me know! I would love to check out your spreads.

I hope you have a very wonderful day!!!



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