Weekly Update

Mid-Week Update!

Hello Bookworms!

It is Wednesday and I hope you have had an amazing week so far!

We have had beautiful weather here in Indiana the last several days. It is continuing on until the weekend and then it is dropping down to the 40s. Indiana has crazy weather.

Life Update!

We still have been sick… I have caught a cold now but I am almost over it. My two year old’s ear infection is gone! Yay! His doctor said his ears are perfect. My four year old either has caught the cold I have or has allergies from where we have been outside a lot the last several days. Hopefully we will be better by this weekend. Somehow my husband has been lucky enough to avoid all of this sickness. Speaking of my husband, he got third place in points in the RC car races. He was very happy to be in the top three.

We have decided to sell my car and move to a mini van. I have had my car for nine years and I am very sad to see it go. I have had it since high school and it was my first car to drive. It will be a big change going from my granny mobile, a buick lesabre, to a mini van. My husband has been working on fixing it up.


Ugh! So I truly meant for this to go up on Wednesday but I never got back into writing it… It is now Saturday evening and the weather has gotten cold. We did go out today though. Yay! Yesterday we went to Columbus. We ate at Riviera Maya Mexican Restaurant and it the food was so good!!! Then we went to Best Buy and Target. We got our boys a play-doh toy set and they love it!

Today we went to Greenwood with my brother and his girlfriend. We have had the travel bug. We ate a Fazoli’s, went into Toy’s R Us and Half Price Book Store. At Toy’s R Us my oldest boy got PvZ toys and my youngest got Mario Toys. At HPBS I got Scarlet and Cress by Marissa Meyer!!!! They didn’t have Cinder or Winter. I would’ve got those too…

So you know how I said my husband has yet to catch a cold? Well… I think I jinxed him… He has caught the cold the boys and I had. He very rarely gets sick. I hope he doesn’t stay sick very long.

Book Update!

As you could see from a few posts ago I went to the library!!! Ten books is a record for me. I have missed going to the library and I already can’t wait to go back. I have already read Three Dark Crowns and I loved it! I plan on posting a review soon. I am so ready for One Dark Throne!!

I tried reading Of Fire and Stars and Reawakened but I could not get into them… I had to DNF them. I hate DNF-ing a book.

Right now I am currently reading The Thousandth Floor and I am on chapter 3. It doesn’t really say the chapter number just the character’s name.

I recently went to the library again and got two more books. Cress and Winter by Marissa Meyer. Since I bought Cress today I plan on returning both books. I may borrow Winter again. It depends on if I get the chance to buy the entire series.

I still need to finish Ready Player One. I think I have a problem not finishing books because I hate for it to end. I liked it that much. I seem to do that with book series too. Especially if the last book is not good. Yep Alliegant! I’m talking about you!!!

Writing Update!

Sadly I have not been writing… I have been in the worst writing funk ever!! Maybe I will sit down this week and try to write. I would be happy if I get just a paragraph down.

That’s it for my update. Hopefully I will get one up on time next time. I am in the process of making myself a schedule of when to post certain topics. Fingers crossed I stick with it.
Have a great day/night/evening everyone!

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