Weekly Update

Mid-Week Update!

Hello lovely bookworms!!!

I hope all is well!

This update is written by a very caffeinated bookworm! Expect extensive rambling!

It snowed here last night and it is so pretty but I am ready for warm weather!


I had my first huge cup of coffee this morning, ate a chicken burrito from Taco Bell for lunch, they didn’t get my husband’s order right, and as of 12:39 PM, I am writing this post. I may have coffee number two in a little while.

My youngest son has another ear infection… He has not had one since May. The reason he had them before was because he had amniotic fluid in his ear. The ENT could not believe he had that in his ear for a year and a half. He flushed it all out and my son’s ear has been perfect until now. These last several months my boys have been sick with a cold off and on for a week at a time. I am ready for warmer weather so hopefully the sickness will be gone!

On to bookish topics!

I am currently reading four books. Yes I said that right. FOUR BOOKS! Which never ever happens! I usually only read one book at a time because I don’t like mixing book worlds. Hopefully you understand what I mean. However, this time it is because two are e-arcs, which I need to finish as soon as possible, and the other two are books I have purchased recently.

The two e-arcs are Gilded Cage, 51% read through, and The Bone Witch, 17% read through. I am usually not into e-reading but I’m trying to give it a go. I prefer physical copies. Easier to read and I like the feel of a book in my hand. E-reading does have its perks though, especially when I am rocking my son to sleep and I can’t hold an actual book.

gilded-cage  30095464

The two physical copy books I have been working on are Ready Player One, chapter 0033, and Caraval, chapter 8. I have been working on Ready Player One since January! It’s almost finished! I love this book! I highly recommend. The reason it has taken so long to read this book is because I have been working on books I need to review so I haven’t gotten back into the Oasis world. I really need to finish it so I can see how it ends and write a review for all of you!
I started Caraval last night. I would’ve read an e-arc but my phone was charging and I was itching to read something so that is the book I picked up. This book was an impulse buy. Bookstagram and Booktube made me buy it!!! That book and many others! Have you fallen victim to bookstagram book buys?


Book Tags!

I wanted to ask opinions on book tags. Do you do book tags? Are there any you really like? I have several written down that I would love to do but I want to find more that way I can post one once a week or every other week. I watch a lot of these on Booktube and thought they looked like fun.

I want to show the ones I have found that way you can go to the creators page and participate too!

Please comment down below of any more!!

Last, I wanted to tell you all that I have started writing another book! The idea has been stiring in my head this past week and I finally got part of it down on paper. I really need to continue on my first book. I am currently trying to switch it from first pov to third pov. That way I can get more characters involved in the story. I have thirteen chapters written of it so far. I miss that world so much! For four straight months those characters were all I could think about. Now, I have been in kind of a writing funk with it. Any tips on going back into it? I try not to force myself on it, but in the end I way over think and get frustrated with it.

Well that seems to be all I have to say for this post. Thank you for reading my rambling update!


p.s. Do you know why I picked The Time Traveler’s Wife for the snow photo?

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